Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'll tell ya whut,

I keep trying to make it so that whenever you go to our Facebook, the music is RIGHT THERE. You've seen that, right? Where it's RIGHT THERE? You go, and immediately it's all like HEY GUYS DO U WNA LISTEN 2 OUR TRAXX?? I want that! So that I don't have to send talent buyers and other people our "MySpace." I'd be the laughing-stock of the whole school!

However, the sites that allow this (Root Music, ReverbNation) are all very weird. All they seem to talk about is "fans," "stats," "gigs" (what the fuck is a gig anymore?), and the like. It's bizarre, and it makes me feel like a damn fool as soon as I sign up. I have accounts that just exist. I haven't added anything out of fear; what if someday, the album comes out, and they claim some sort of ownership over the songs? I feel like that's plausible, considering what they seem to be all about. I don't know. I don't approve of these guys. However, how come all these terrible-little-boy bands have the music that's right "up-in-your face?"

I mean, look at these guys:
I put up a BandPage tab for a lil' bit, and it got completely fuckocked. By fate, I suppose. I don't know why these kinds of things happen to us.

Well, I suppose that's not really that important. We have a SoundCloud thingy that we post every once in a while...God, this shit is giving me a headache. Can we PLEASE move on??

We are doing a music video for "Hermit Crab!"
We are doing it with J. Matthew Nix (commonly called Nix), who has been doin' it fo' the monehz for about 2 years now. He's going to be an essential member of this Failing Forward business because of his talent and forthrightness. He directed THIS LITTLE HOT PIECE OF ASS TOO for Johnny Foreigner, who have been touring with Los Campesinos!.

The music video came be described in 3 words:

In terms of haunting, it's going to be on some next-level shit. It will take place in Evan's real home (not METAphysics), and will feature all 8 members of the band being haunted/grossed-out(?) by various creatures, played by members of bands we've played with and amazing roommates and friends. Special guest appearance by producer and Joie-guitarist Chris French as a SCARY GARDEN GNOME! Talk about appropriate! That'll be Thriller-style too; the music will cut out, and it'll be 10 seconds of pure cinematic gold. Thank you, Mr. Nix! We couldn't be more excited!

A couple more things:
1. There was an ASTOUNDING write-up about our Schubas show on Tuesday (which was incredibly, incredibly successful and thank you to the many that came out) by Windy City Rock, a sweet Chicago blog that appears to be all over the place. CLICK HERE to read it. It's a big deal for us; the guy said some very flattering things.

2. We are playing with Vancouver's own Yukon Blonde at The Beat Kitchen on April 10th!! We are trying to get even more people than we got for Schubas, which is a challenge, but we are willing to try! It's a Sunday, and doors are at won't be home late for school or work on Monday! It's $10 and it's all ages. There will be posters to steal, new songs to hear, and HOPEFULLY friends of ours that are playing...we'll see about that one. Either way, it'll be a fantastic show, and our first Chicago venue show for a month. Please mark it on your calenders!


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